Consultancy Services For The Development Of A Modern And Cost-Efficient Freight Logistics System In Uganda

September 19, 2019

The following is the scope of work for this assignment:

  1. Advise on the development strategy, which should be adopted for the Northern Rail Corridor, taking into account enabling policies, conformity with infrastructure master plans, physical and operational constraints, and the whole logistics chain.
  2. An analysis of the freight transport competitive environment between road and the two railway systems, leading to a high-level projection of the likely modal split of corridor freight volumes.
  3. An analysis of the competitive environment between the Bukasa/Port Bell – Mwanza Route (Central/southern Corridor) and Bukasa/Port Bell – Kisumu (Northern Corridor) freight transport route.  The analysis to cover high-level review of development at Mwanza and Kisumu Ports.
  4. Analysis of impact of emerging oil sector/industry in Uganda and its impact on the rail corridors under consideration.
  5. Carry out a comparative cost and time implication of Uganda goods that will be picked from Nairobi Inland Container Depot versus the Mombasa Port

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