Study on Improving agricultural transport information services for more efficient transportation in Northern Uganda Project

September 19, 2019

The NU-TEC MD sort to get a better understanding of the constraints and inefficiencies in transportation of grains, soybean and sunflower:

a.) From farm gate in Northern Uganda to aggregation centers in Northern Uganda,

b.) From aggregation centers in Northern Uganda to warehouses in Northern Uganda, and

c.) From warehouses in Northern Uganda out to market within Northern Uganda, Kampala and other regional markets.

Northern Uganda – Transforming the Economy through Climate Smart Agri-Business Market Development (NU-TEC MD) is a component of a seven-year DFID-funded programme that aims to increase the incomes and climate resilience of poor men and women in Northern Uganda (NU) by (a) stimulating sustainable, pro-poor growth in selected agricultural markets and (b) improving the position of poor men and women within these market systems by making the market systems more inclusive for poor people.  Funded by the UK Government, and implemented by Palladium, NU-TEC Market Development (MD) provides expertise and consulting services to innovative businesses and shifts agricultural market dynamics in a way that supports triple bottom line; economic, social and environmental improvements; in firms and market performance.

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