Our Commitment To Ethical Conduct

Our rule at AESDC is to uphold integrity in all facets of our operations. Our business principles commit us to comply with all rules and regulations in each country where we operate, and not to tolerate any form of corruption. We implement this commitment through our Code of Ethics that emphasizes zero tolerance policy on corruption.

The Code demands compliance with all relevant laws and with AESDC’s business principles. It strongly restricts, among other things, any award of gifts or favours to AESDC employees by business partners. In the same way, AESDC employees must not ask for or accept any personal advantage from a business partner.

All our business units are regularly assessed as regards the risks of corruption. We make all our business partners and relevant employees aware of the Code and we provide the information and training necessary to understand and comply with it. All suppliers must sign the Code before they can be accepted by AESDC. We inform all new employees of the Code during the recruitment process.

AESDC has a confidential whistle blowing procedure in place whereby potential breaches can be reported confidentially. In line with this, we follow up on reported incidents in a thorough, impartial and responsible manner.